[celebrities doing thaangs]

by brother mynor


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//Catalog: INNER039

Format: Digital // Tape Cassette

//C40 high bias Clear Emerald Green tape cassettes. 18 tracks, 40 minute run time. Limited to 60 tapes.

A big thanks to the incredible patience and time that the collaborators put in; you know who you are and you know this project wouldn't exist without you. Also a special thanks to Kamilla and Tom who's constant feedback and support shaped this release into what it is.

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Brother Mynor
Art by Rawflakes

A1 Tom Cruise Eats a Continental Breakfast
A2 Leo Dicaprio Rides Off Into The Sunset
A3 Winona Ryder Finishes Community Service
A4 Nic Cage Takes Control Of The Situation
A5 Ellen Page Ties Herself To A Redwood (w/ Bilo 503)
A6 Jennifer Aniston Finishes A Long Bath (w/ uhhnon)
A7 LL Cool J Don't Need No Title (w/ mndbd)
A8 Shia Lebouef Enjoys A Morning Bowl Of Wheaties (w/ Borealism)
A9 Eddie Murphy Drives To Burger King

B1 Keanu Reeves Just Does His Thaang (w/ Mt Marcy)
B2 Liv Tyler Will Still Watch All The Credits
B3 Morgan Freeman Is Most Likely Omnipotent
B4 Natalie Portman Goes On Safari (w/ slr)
B5 David Duchovny Hides In A Broom Closet
B6 Justin Long Tries To Access His Voicemail (w/ dweeb)
B7 Elijah Wood Doesn't Put Vinyl Back In The Sleeve (w/ mactopus)
B8 Drew Barrymore Watches Saturday Morning Cartoons (w/ ojmacoj)
B9 Julia Roberts Damages Her Floorboards


released March 12, 2016



brother mynor Melbourne, Australia

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